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Pinnacle Aero Partners Global Philanthropy Programs

AJF Global is a 501c3 non profit organization, Founded by the CEO of Pinnacle Aero Partners. AJF was created to utilize resources in the Aviation industry to transport aid to children and families in need. Together with our humanitarian partners, we have delivered 600+ tons of aid valued at over 150 Million USD. Aid consist of toys, medicine, medical supplies, medical equipment, blankets, food, water, books and educational supplies. Millions of lives have been saved and positively impacted by AJF & Pinnacle Partners social responsibility programs.

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2021 India COVID Relief Flight 

In partnership with Boeing, FedEx, The India Government and the Las Indian Chamber of Commerce, 50 Tons of COVID relief aid was air lifted to India in a Boeing 747-400 Cargo Aircraft. Thousands of lives were saved.​ 

Click here to view India program Photos 

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med.JPG , The most watched aviation blogger covered the mission. 1.9M+ views.

Philippines Aid Flight with Manny Pacquiao

AJF delivers over 10,000 books, 10,000 toys and over 1 Million vitamins to the Philippines. Aid was transported on a Boeing 737 sold by Pinnacle Partners to an Airline based in the Philippines. AJF Global partnered with boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao to deliver the aid to children in need. 

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Global Care Airlines

 Global Care is the first Airline with the sole purpose to serve humanity. Launching in 2024, Global Care Airlines will operate 

 a fleet of Boeing 747 Aircraft and rescue helicopters. Annually Global Care will deliver tons of aid around the world, saving and positively impacting millions of lives.  Click here to learn more.

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